According to Plan…

Everything is going according to plan.

These were the words spoken to me recently. What is it about this phrase? it is used when circumstances appear NOT to be going according to plan…when plans are derailed, or when the “original” plans need to be adjusted. Or, we use this phrase when “others” doubt the effectiveness of the plan and we offer those words as encouragement.

So why is there tension inside me with these words? Last year, we had plans to watch Gabriel enjoy a year of school sports and the bone tumor growing in his shoulder kept him from fully participating the entire year. The plan for this year was to enjoy watching Matthias participate in school volleyball. His scaphoid break kept him from the court during most of the season. Lydia was off to study in England until April 2017, until those plans were derailed and all the international students were no longer able to study at the school. How is any of this according to plan?

There is one answer…and it is hard to accept.


For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways, declares the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. 

Isaiah 55:8,9


The hope is not in the plans I have made, but in the unwavering promise that the Father knows, He sees, and He is at work. For I have put my hope in you, Jesus, that your word does not return to you empty. You promised life and life in abundance. You said you would give me everything I need for life and godliness. You said you would never leave me. You called me, adopted me into your family. You have me sealed with a promise and you keep your word.

I am still wrestling with disappointment, but I am getting closer. I am moving closer to a place of trust, that the Father knows, sees and is working on my behalf.

What if the plans changed because the lessons learned would run deeper, last longer and glorify God…if the road became a bit more rocky? What if the potholes we encountered along the way strengthened our trust muscles? What if our endurance through the uncertainty, the challenges, the disappointments showed us that God has to be our strength?

Gabe is healthy again…and even with the knowledge that his bone tumor may be returning, for now, he is not in any pain.

Matthias played in the final provincial tournament…and has made a positional change, one that has given him a new perspective…possibly, new opportunities and this is a direction, he may not have taken…if not for the injury.

Lydia has climbed her mountain. She did not let disappointment win. She was not overcome by worry. She persevered. Doors have opened for her to go to Ravenscrest in Colorado to complete her studies. What a gift!

Jesus came for this…to be present in our mess.

Trust the process.

Tracey xo



Prayer for the LCS Senior boys…

Here you are…at the final test. I bless you with the knowledge that you can trust in your training. You have been prepared well for this challenge. Each of you is set apart to do a specific task. You come together as a team and I pray that you would be unified on the court…knowing your role and trusting one another.

I bless you to play in a way that sets you apart. There is something different about you young men. You carry something bigger, something greater…a light that shines more brightly. Put aside anything that isn’t in alignment with who God says you are…You are more than conquerors, you are able to stand up under trials, you are warriors. You are those things both on the court and off the court.

I bless you to have laser focus and that you will be able to resist all distractions. I bless you to stand up, to stay strong and to fight well. I bless you to trust in your training…to stay relaxed and to remain calm when the challenge becomes intense.

I pray tonight that you would only hear the praise we have for you. I pray that your preparations will fall into place so nicely that your skills would peak…where you see the court with such clarity that you find holes none of us see, you notice weaknesses in your opponents that you never saw before…and that you can capitalize and finish with precision and certainty. I pray that you feel stronger, more confident and more at peace heading into tonight.

I pray that holy, warring angels surround you and keep you safe from injury, and that Jesus would be known…fending off intimidation to create a wave of inexpressible joy and confident assurance that you are well prepared for such a time as this.

You, young men of LCS, are strong, prepared, gifted and unified athletes who represent Jesus well. Go get ’em, Lightning!!

xo Momma Dahl