Possibilities in the Promises

Problems are possibilities for God to show himself strong on my behalf. Impossible circumstances don’t cause the Lord to stumble…they provide opportunities for God to receive all the glory for the victory. I want to live in this place of hope. I am not naive to personal pain or desiring to minimize the very real struggles endured by many, but I always want to live in that place of expectation. Expectation and promise of deliverance, victory and peace.

As I was sitting on the bluffs on Galiano Island this week, I felt in awe of how small I was…not insignificant, but that the God who created the view for me to enjoy holds life and death, beginnings and endings,…all that co-exists in His creation in His sights. While my view was limited to as far as my eye could see, the Father’s vantage point extends past my limitations, around mountaintops, into valleys, past streams of water and oceans wide. He sees past and through all the circumstances that are heavy and exhausting. His vision is not limited by my circumstances.

Sometimes you have to come up higher…above the circumstances and up to the heights…to take in how vast, and yet, how detailed He has created around us. So much territory has not been travelled, not been touched by or tainted. Yet, the forest still dies, in order to be renewed…it is beautiful, but not perfect…by design…trees have to fall, give nutirients to the new growth of the forest floor. I am like that forest floor because above the small frustrating details of the microcosm of my life, at home, with family and friends, when I come up and look…to the east and the west…and my eye sees a small part of the enormous scope of the Father’s vision, it leads me to trust more and depend more on how He will sustain it all. He will sustain me in all circumstances.

My eye cannot see any of those problems from this vantage point, up on the bluffs…I don’t see…what holds me back,… I see potential, possibility…unchartered territory…and mountains worth climbing for the view. Rise above your circumstances, daughter, I hear Him whisper. Ah, there it is…peace with the promise.