Daughter and Sons…

I have three teenage sons and one teenage daughter. All of them were born about seventeen months apart. I was immersed in diapers, runny noses, and sticky fingers full on in those years. We plowed through elementary school as one thick clog in the system and then broke into middle school. Now we are pushing through the years of high school. Isaiah is heading into his second year at UFV…Lydia will graduate in 2016. Then there is a gap year, as Matthias and Gabe spend two years in senior high together. I have glimpses of those final two years…how this final push out of LCS when Gabe graduates will leave me breathless, my heart beating, thumping at how fast the moments have tumbled. I anticipate there will be shock in my system.

My coffee morning moments often include reading Proverbs. Today it is the 22nd of August and my reading included these words of wisdom:

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it…Prov. 22:6

I held there, suspended asking the Father, have I been a good coach? I have loved with as much vulnerability as I could, but have I trained them well? Do they know where to turn when the battle around them rages on. When their hearts are hurt, when there is fear or remorse? Do they know how to forgive and how to extend grace? I am more concerned about these matters of the heart than whether, I taught them to cook, clean or balance a cheque book. The majority of my prayer is set on the depth of their hidden life in Christ…that they would know this Jesus. Not as “in Jesus name” before we eat, or as a banner of recognition in the title, “we are Christians,” but that they would have a personal revelation of who He desires to be in their lives.

Train a child in the way he should go…my heart cries out to them…go to the Father…go to the Father. His ways are always good, perfect and trustworthy. This is where your heart is safe and understood…go there! Do not rely on worldly wisdom or worse…your own. Lean not on your own understanding…but trust in the Lord. My children…know the Lord. Really know Him. 

Are they well prepared? Prepared to be over-comers. Prepared to pursue righteousness…to walk humbly…not to think of themselves more highly than others? This will be my accountability before the Lord. He has entrusted me to do this great work. It has been a terrifying responsibility, at times…bringing both joy and heart ache.

But…oh, the joy…the joy keeps me training, encouraging, blessing and pursing Him for the grace to finish this race.