A House without Her

lydia-outside-castleShe is 7,261km away from home in Carnforth, England. That is what the app on my iphone says. I can click on the satellite icon and see an ariel view of the “manor.” We have been corrected…Capernwray Hall is a former estate home, it is not a castle. The history of the manor is rich with God’s tender touch, a legacy of making life meaningful, and how our Father is faithful, always keeping His promises. He is a good, good Father.

But…she is 7,261 km’s away. This means many things. This means her room is clean here at home. Her little Fiat, Pheobe, sits moping in the driveway…possibly thankful for the break from young women who play their music too loud and fill her trunk with junk. Pheobe must also, be missing the laughter that came with the recent road trips to Barriere and Canon Beach and the zipping here and there. For Pheobe, Five Seconds of Summer came and went far too quickly.

Being 7,261 km’s away means it is hard for her to hear me when I call everyone for dinner.  And we…the family who shares the top floor of our home, are not entertained by her music as she gets ready for the day or the laughter that came through under the crack in her door during face-time phone calls well past midnight.

Being 7,261km’s away means it would take more than a step across the hall for one of the boys to run into her room and tease her until the laughter is hurting her stomach…pillows flying, hair all a mess kind of brother-sister attention.

Being 7,261km’s away means the hallway doesn’t linger with her perfume…sprayed as the last detail of her appearing downstairs….no 7,261km’s away means she is not appearing today in Murrayville. She is across the pond…surrounded by God’s beauty, and… most certainly, living in a castle:


Being 7,261km’s away means my momma heart strings are stretched, but I know my Father in heaven designed these strings to work this way…to be able to stretch under the strain of children leaving home traveling far away to meet with Him…7,261km’s to be exact. My iphone app is keeping track of the distance, but her presence is much closer to my heart. Enjoy her Carnforth, England. She is a gem…she is a princess and she will brighten your dreary, rain filled afternoons.

outsidepsst…Matthias was serious,…”no English boyfriends, please.”


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