Prayer for the LCS Senior boys…

Here you are…at the final test. I bless you with the knowledge that you can trust in your training. You have been prepared well for this challenge. Each of you is set apart to do a specific task. You come together as a team and I pray that you would be unified on the court…knowing your role and trusting one another.

I bless you to play in a way that sets you apart. There is something different about you young men. You carry something bigger, something greater…a light that shines more brightly. Put aside anything that isn’t in alignment with who God says you are…You are more than conquerors, you are able to stand up under trials, you are warriors. You are those things both on the court and off the court.

I bless you to have laser focus and that you will be able to resist all distractions. I bless you to stand up, to stay strong and to fight well. I bless you to trust in your training…to stay relaxed and to remain calm when the challenge becomes intense.

I pray tonight that you would only hear the praise we have for you. I pray that your preparations will fall into place so nicely that your skills would peak…where you see the court with such clarity that you find holes none of us see, you notice weaknesses in your opponents that you never saw before…and that you can capitalize and finish with precision and certainty. I pray that you feel stronger, more confident and more at peace heading into tonight.

I pray that holy, warring angels surround you and keep you safe from injury, and that Jesus would be known…fending off intimidation to create a wave of inexpressible joy and confident assurance that you are well prepared for such a time as this.

You, young men of LCS, are strong, prepared, gifted and unified athletes who represent Jesus well. Go get ’em, Lightning!!

xo Momma Dahl

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