Move the Mountain

Dec. 10th

written 3 days before surgery

He is teaching me to find Him in desert places.

I’ve seen him move, he moved the mountains, and I believe, I will see Him do it again. He made a way, when there was no way and I believe He will do it again.

Do it Again- Elevation Worship

Desert places are familiar, gaps of time…of emptiness. The lost places of feeling alone, and far away.

Where there are no words to describe the vast, open spaces, there is still a blessing because He is there in the valley, even yes, the valley of death. His presence is with me in the desert places. I cannot escape His promises, to keep me in His love.

There is great endurance in me. That is His gift. I know when to accelerate and when to slow down. My confidence is in the one who never changes. I change, I sway to and fro at times, frustratingly so…coming close…moving far…in my mind. But He is always near because He does not change like shifting shadows. There are no gaps in time with Jesus. My Father never changes. He is the same, yesterday, today and forever.

Restore the broken places…all the impossible places.

You will do it again.

Now everytime I witness a strong person,

I want to know:

What dark did you conquer in your story?

Mountains do not rise without earthquakes.

-Katherine MacKinett

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