When My World Feels Small

I am ordinary. My life would not stand out from the crowd. In fact, I would much rather watch from the sidelines or sit in the background than pursue notoriety. I like ordinary living. My best self lives plain and simple. Even ordinary things are important to me.

I like my first-morning coffee and getting up early. I like gardening. I like sunshine through my window, and long drives listening to an audio book. I eat the same breakfast almost every day, and I never go to bed with make-up on. I am ordinary, plain, and simple.

I catch myself sometimes wondering if it is ok to be ordinary? Is it ok to be plain and to want simple? What does the Father think of my ordinary, my plain, and my simple life?

You don’t have to scroll far through Instagram or FB to see others aspiring for greatness… appearing to move mountains with their messages, connecting to the masses, solving world problems, leading causes…changing political climates. And here I am living in my small, simple world.

As my thumb swipes the screen, I can feel the doubt creep in…the question rising in my mind. Should I be striving to do more? Should I want to be known for leading the cause, moving the mountain, or charging ahead to defend against the injustice? Would my life have more significance if I set out to challenge old ways of thinking, or stand in the open field facing the giant… a few small stones in my hand? Do I need to go looking for an enemy to fight?

About six years ago, I received a word of encouragement…part of the word shared with me reverberates through my mind.

You are going to raise those who will fight the giants. You will not fight the giants, but you will raise those who will fight the giants. You will give swords to people who are called to be in the battlefield. 

I sit with this for a moment asking the Father about my feeling of smallness. I sense Him come closer. Nothing is insignificant to the Father. He does not overlook or walk by the insignificant. I may not be fighting the giants, but someone needs to raise them up.

Our world needs giant slayers. We need those who will run into the battlefield, take up the cause, fight the enemy. And we need those who will raise the giant slayers and give them their swords. Swords of truth. Truth about who they are and wisdom to challenge the lies that the enemy feeds our minds. The truth tears down walls of hostility, walks in forgiveness and extends grace. Truth loves and isn’t afraid to be vulnerable. These truth swords pierce hearts with love…and these giant slayers shift atmospheres and bring His kingdom to earth. None of that sounds ordinary.

So you daughter, or son of the King of Kings… don’t ever think your ordinary is insignificant. The word of encouragment you give to your children…. the kindness you extend to the lady at the store…the smile you share, the prayer you pray. You, too, are raising giant slayers. His word does not return to Him void. If He gives you truth and you share it, lives will be changed.

He loves you. No part of you is insignificant. He has even the hairs on your head numbered.. He desires to be with you. He promises never to leave you. There is nowhere you can go, or nothing you could do that will separate you from His love. He knows you. He keeps His promises. You are a part of His story..even if you are ordinary. He knows your pain. He sees your struggle.

The Father’s heart for you

I do have a very ordinary way of life, but God uses ordinary things.

He is raising up giant slayers.